Trees from Climate Art (TfA)

TfA is an offshoot of Naija Climate Now, was officially announced on November 1, 2021, at the Italian Consulate in Lagos during the unveiling of COP26 Virtual Climate Art Gallery. The event preceded Naija Climate Now Exhibition, hosted by Deputy British High Commissioner Ben Llewellyn-Jones in October 2021.

TfA aims to mobilise young people creatively and innovatively to care for the environment whilst preparing them as green innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, designers and technologists for climate change. The project will introduce Hydroponics Farming and Entrepreneurship Education at the participating schools.

The Economic Trees will help restore life quality in school communities, contribute to the environment, reduce climate change, save water, purify the air, provide renewable energy sources, air conditioning, erosion control, reinforce soil and prevent water pollution. 

The Climate Action Story


The Climate Action campaign began in January 2020 with Solution17 for Climate Action in Africa (CAA). The project was designed to spark creativity among young people in building the desired future through Climate enterprises; the goal is to promote the natural environment, Green Entrepreneurs and prosperity in different communities. The project, which produced 17 Climate Enterprises and 17 Climate Art, was launched by United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed on September 25, 2020.

In 2021, Solution17 for Climate Action scaled to Naija Climate Now with the support of the German Consulate, United Nations Information Centre for Nigeria and Sterling Bank Plc to develop solutions to climate adaptation, green economic recovery, and low-carbon development for Nigeria.

Tree From Art was launched on April 7, 2022.

Project Goal

  • The planting of Ten (10) Million economic Trees by 2030. It will begin with the planting of 100,000 Trees in Lagos State ( TfA-Lagos)
  • Empowering Creative Club50 Members in each participating school
  • Bringing a Revolution to the educational system as we build towards a sustainable future through Creativity, Innovation, Technology, ArtNovation, Entrepreneurship and United Nations SDGs.

Project Stakeholders

  • Creative Youth Community Development Initiative - Project Creator and Implementer
  • Lagos State Government
  • The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria
  • The Consulate  General, Federal Republic of Germany. 
  • Big Dutchman Nigeria
  • Mercedes-Benz


  1. How many trees are to be planted? - Ten (10) Million Trees in Nigeria by 2030.
  2. Location of the First Phase - Lagos State 
  3. Number of trees in Lagos - 100,000 Economic Trees 
  4. Project Duration - 8 Years (2022-2030)


TfA Innovation team is currently working to deploy
an IoT device to monitor and evaluate the project.
The Device
 will be unveil at the Lagos State Ministry
of Environment by May 2022. Our team incorporates
cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and
leverages cloud computing.


  1. The project will scale to TfA Academy for wider participation, promotion of invention and innovation towards the Global Net Zero.
  2. Development of Green Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and worldwide
  3. Grow What You Eat Campaign will begin in Nigeria  at the 1st quarter of 2023
  4. TfA will become the hub for for green talents, working towards the Green World.
A call for Partnerships, Volunteers, Collaborators,
Experts, Agripreneurs and Educators has been
opened for interested organizations, foreign
agencies, governments, and individual.

Connect with us

  • Tel: +234 815 503 6356

  • WhatsApp: +234 809 610 8715




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