The Climate Trust and Solution17 Partnership. A Climate Change Agenda to empower the Race to Zero.

The Climate Trust™ has partnered with Solution17 for Climate Action to host a Climate Change Exhibition to support COP26 and the realisation of the UN’s 2030 agenda.  This virtual exhibition will open on October 18, 2021 for 26 days to promote the COP26 Summit Globally, in line with Solution17 Art for Climate Change official recognition by the United Nations Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Amina Mohammed (VIDEO) in 2020.   This powerful tool will promote climate change solutions to move the world beyond fossil fuels into an era of solar power and green agenda.


The Climate Trust supports the DSG’s thought that “Art and music are unifying forces that build bridges across cultures, borders and generations, overcoming miscommunications and mistrust. They speak to hearts and minds”.


In collaboration with British Deputy High Commission Lagos, Nigeria and United Nations Information Centre for Nigeria, the details of the Live Paintings, Exhibition and Countdown to COP26 will be announced at a press conference to be held at the UN office in Lagos on September 21, 2021.


The Climate Trust has been established to combat some of the worse climate consequences in living memory, through research, partnership, and positive actions. We will work tirelessly toward Carbon Neutrality, to move us close to our greener future.


The Climate Trust working with Solution17 for Climate Action, in collaboration with United Nations Agencies, intends to learn and adopt these best practice principles in the UK.


The UK government continues to lead and provoke first world economies to act, which is why COP26 in Glasgow this November is so important and so welcome.  On September 5, 2021, The Climate Trust did its soft launch on Climate Sunday which enabled 1,200 trees to be planted towards an ambition to plant over a million trees each year.


We invite individuals, families, Churches and Organisations, who seek to collaborate together to find hope in our collective climate future.   


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